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2:45 AM

7.3 mi


8:39 mi


73 F


3 / 10
6 / 10
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Good 7+ mile run. The first two miles were with my daughter Payton and My brother in law Brian. He wanted to die at about 1.5 miles but finished it off. That is what years of smoking does to you, but I am very proud of him for quitting and now starting to run. Yesterday he ran a mile with me :)

Payton and I went back out for the remaining 5.3 miles and the pace was not tempo but not easy either. It was a bit harder because of the sun and 73 degrees not to mention the pollen drying out our mouths and throats really quickly.

Good run considering I really didn't feel like running today because of a sore back and legs from working on the fence bent over much of the day yesterday.

It was my first run in my new Saucony ProGrid Mirage's and they felt great. They felt really cushiony, but plenty of support. Typically my right ankle will start to hurt after a few miles if I run in neutral shoes, but since these are posted a little bit I didn't have that problem. Very light as well.