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9:30 AM

3.1 mi


6:02 mi

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That was a blast!

2nd overall to Schiffy, way tougher to run hard on trails then I ever imagined but some of this course is just plain TOUGH. The 2nd mile was very technical and I had some troubles. Nailed my foot by not getting high enough over a log, so I tried to step the next one and slide and busted my shin. I was very careful the rest of that stretch and Schiffy looked effortless going over the logs, on the rock, and through the mud. He is was in FLATS, not sure how he could make it look that smooth on those sort of trails in flats. I guess it’s the stud status he owns now days! :)

Great event all around..thanks to Robert’s Running Shop and thanks to everyone that showed up to support this thing!

This was my first ever trail race and it is true trail, looking forward to racing some long events on the trails in the future.



Hey man, you looked good out there today! Sorry we couldn't chat a little more, we had a small timing issue that we had to get home to fix quickly.

We need to get together and chat about the upcoming parenthood!


Thanks man! Great setup all across the board this morning, it sure was a fun morning!

Parenthood will be here before we know!!