Egad's profile   

Name: Eric Gadbois
Profession: Commercial Banker
Age: 45
Current Weight: 82.6 kg
Goal Weight: 77.1 kg
Location: Springvale, ME
About me: 
I am 39 years old. I have a daughter, Madison who is 12 years old. I've worked for Sanford Institution for Savings since 2004. I've run since I was a teenager off and on, did a few road races, but never took it seriously until 2012. I have since completed seven marathons and finally got that elusive BQ earlier this year. I met my sweetheart Gwen running three years ago and we about to be married.
Why do I run: 
It give me a sense of achievement and provides relief from life's many challenges. I get fat when I'm not training. Plus, stupid people aggravate me daily and running helps me forget about them.
Why I started running: 
Initially I started running to lose weight. Now I am addicted and want to achieve the goals I have set for myself.