Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.90 km8:45.184:37Thuner Abendläufe4/23/2019View Race
4.14 km1:19:39.1019:15Vertical Up / Lauberhorn Run3/25/2018View Race
4.52 km32:14.807:09Rund um Unterseen (4)10/21/2018View Race
5.50 km27:295:00Baseler Stadtlauf11/24/2012View Race
6.80 km33:03.904:52Thuner Abendläufe6/19/2018View Race
7.00 km35:105:02Sion - Titzé de Noël12/10/2011View Race
7.32 km37:38.505:09Escalade12/5/2015View Race
7.50 km38:005:04Challenge Bambi3/28/2015View Race
7.70 km45:05.905:52Abendlauf Wengen8/10/2018View Race
7.78 km46:46.106:01Abendlauf Wengen8/7/2020View Race
7.84 km44:12.105:39Abendlauf Wengen6/29/2018View Race
8.77 km49:49.405:41St. Prex - Tour de Vaud9/14/2016View Race
9.80 km59:38.436:06Zurich Cityrun4/19/2015View Race
10.00 km49:004:54Thuner Stadtlauf8/25/2018View Race
12.00 km1:02:355:13Augusta Raurica11/11/2018View Race
15.00 km1:17:025:09Kerzerslauf3/16/2019View Race
16.09 km1:53:437:05Blüemisalp-Lauf6/3/2018View Race
17.17 km1:31:45.205:21Morat-Fribourg10/7/2018View Race
18.63 km2:41:388:41Jungfrau Supporter Run + return8/27/2020View Race
21.03 km2:26:166:58Polar Circle Half Marathon10/29/2017View Race
Half Marathon1:50:14.505:14Luzern Half Marathon10/28/2018View Race
25.86 km2:44:096:21Jungfrau (1/2) Marathon 20219/11/2021View Race
35.00 km7:15:2012:27Eiger Ultra Trail E357/18/2021View Race
Marathon4:17:59.806:07Zurich Marathon4/9/2017View Race
42.31 km5:49:448:16Jungfrau Marathon9/7/2019View Race
53.64 km11:21:3612:43Eiger Ultra Trail E517/20/2019View Race