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4:00 PM

5.8 km


9:40 mi


206.5 lb


55 F
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Great week of running. I am focusing on getting ready to start marathon training in a month. This last week has given me encouragement that I can do this again.

Today's run was a 12 minute warmup and then I ran 100 meter fast/slow repeats for 1 km. Then I did another 15 minutes casual run home.

Have not figured out my running days yet, but planning to run 4 days a week. Will have a casual easy run and a long run each week. The other two runs will probably be some kind of fartlek or interval workout until marathon training starts. I need to get my long run up to 10 miles before my plan starts. More importantly, I just need to get in the habit of running 4 days a week instead of running when I feel like it.