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2:00 PM

11 mi


6:50 mi

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Side stitch at mile 2, went away after stretching and stretching again at mile 3 where I chilled in a park for a while. I thought about going back to make it 6 but I really wanted to get some distance beind me. Had to walk every 10 minutes coming back. The heat took it out of me but I'm out of shape, low energy since I didn't eat much today before the run. I do feel good now that it's over. Adjusting to the early mornings/ work schedule and restless sleep schedule wore me out last week. I felt weak and worthless a lot, especially since I was waiting to get my badge and ID number before I could log on to anything. Going to join the gym at State this week and start going in early am to work out, which means the new bedtime will have to be 9/10. Discipline and focus are what I need.