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9:00 PM

5 km


5:52 mi

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Ran the pie run race! Had a good time seeing Coach Busch and Ted Polley take it out. Former PGL of TDX Adam McCready came over from Avon to run the race with me. I was happy to see so many running buddies!

Had a cold and kept crapping but the time wasn't bad, I felt in control of the race until the last 200m. Went out in about 5:50, came thru 2 in 6:05? Not really sure. Wind was strong as always on the Country Club Rd section but I just figured it was a replacement for the hills I'm used to running now. I was 5th through 2 miles when a guy passed me as I faded. He pressed it to the finish. I had the chance of catching a kid in front of me a ways but the apple I had for breakfast did not agree (it came up after the finish haha). Next year, English Muffins only!