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10:30 AM

3 mi


5:17 mi

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2010 Hokum Karem, Wabash went 1,2,3. I partnered with freshman Patrick Carter. My goal was to go sub 5:20 and compete. I did both; my miles were about 5:15, 5:17, 5:19. I kicked on the second mile to beat an Anderson kid to the handoff. Carter reciprocated with a decent kick in on his third lap. I finished the relay and maintained our position. I had to race hard the last 150m to hold off a kicking guy from U Indy. Coach Morgan and the team cheering made it possible, I found an extra speed and held him off while running up on my toes. There's always a little bit more to give!

Everyone ran well but we haven't worked out too hard yet so we should try to avoid being overconfident.