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7:08 AM

13.1 mi


9:52 mi


48 F

Race Result

143 / 161 (88.8%)
756 / 940 (80.4%)
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Parks Half Marathon

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Amazing day for a run - crisp morning with low humidity. Racetime temperature was around 48 degrees. I was not sure how I would do given that my 10 mile run was 4 weeks ago and I re-aggravated an old ankle injury after that run. I ended up not having an issue with the ankle at all - instead at around mile 10, my calf on my other leg started to ache...however, with 4 miles left to go, I powered through and finished. My official time was 2:09:15 - a two minute and 25 second PR from the last time I ran this race four years ago. This is a 9:52/mi pace, and my splits were very consistent - slowest mile was 10:06 (mile 4 that starts with a pretty long hill) and fastest mile was 9:30 (mile 10...mile 13 was 9:32!). As I was going through the training, I was thinking that I would focus on shorter races going forward, but this is such a great race...I think I'll definitely train for Parks HM again (hopefully next Summer!)