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9:39 AM

4.2 mi


11:14 mi


174.8 lb
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hah...been a long time since I've logged anything a fartlek. Started out on an easy run. Crested a hill and saw a friend running about 3/4 of the way down the hill. Since she is coming back from injury and is SUPPOSED to be running slowly I sprinted down the hill making a fool of myself calling her name before I remembered she wears music. She turned left and when I got to the bottom she was gone. I made a guess and tried to cut her off, jogging slowly around peeking around corners trying to get a visual. Gave up and started home and before turning off the main road looked back and spotted her so finally met up and joined her for her run(fast!)/walk intervals until she was done and then trotted on home.

Beautiful day.