Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.00 mi7:19.757:20Morningside Mile10/20/2013View Race
2.97 mi23:37.757:58Labor Day "5k*9/2/2013View Race
3.10 mi24:07.067:47DSC Revolution 5k12/15/2012View Race
3.16 mi23:55.567:35fast pace race 5k10/19/2013View Race
3.19 mi26:17.088:15disabled american vets 5k11/14/2015View Race
3.23 mi25:00.167:45Trippadoodle's trot 5k6/22/2013View Race
3.27 mi25:21.387:46woodyfest 5k10/12/2013View Race
4.00 mi41:0710:17St Peter 4 mile 2/14/2009View Race
8.00 km50:25.0610:09Human Race 8k3/22/2009View Race
6.13 mi1:07:31.0111:01Trick or Trek trail 10k11/2/2013View Race
6.20 mi56:45.259:10Totally Running Labor Day 10k9/3/2012View Race
6.32 mi50:10.337:57Chattahoochee Challenge 10k2/2/2013View Race
7.00 mi1:16:4910:59MDRA Hopkins 7 mile3/28/2009View Race
8.19 mi1:19:52.789:46Hill Country trail race11/23/2013View Race
9.05 mi1:31:58.0110:10Hill Country trail race11/10/2012View Race
9.31 mi1:28:08.699:29Iron Horse 15k9/16/2012View Race
9.47 mi1:18:508:20Hot Chocolate 15k1/26/2014View Race
10.00 mi1:54:1311:26TC1010/5/2008View Race
10.14 mi1:35:339:26Cherry Blossom 10 mile4/3/2016View Race
11.03 mi1:57:43.6310:41Hogpen Hill Climb 18k1/19/2013View Race
11.16 mi2:07:08.4311:24Helen holiday trail "half"11/30/2013View Race
11.50 mi1:56:01.4110:06red top rumble 11.5m trail race2/8/2015View Race
11.54 mi2:05:26.3810:53ATL 20k9/1/2012View Race
Half Marathon1:54:29.998:44Tryptophan half marathon11/27/2014View Race
13.17 mi1:54:18.788:41Silver Comet half marathon10/26/2013View Race
13.22 mi2:03:25.109:21Allstate 13.110/6/2013View Race
13.37 mi1:56:54.838:45Atlanta Thanksgiving half11/28/2013View Race
25.00 km3:45:21.6214:31Afton 25k7/4/2009View Race
17.49 mi4:37:25.1215:52Shut In Ridge Run11/7/2015View Race
19.78 mi5:01:38.6015:15Shut In Ridge Run11/1/2014View Race
19.85 mi4:19:38.2513:05WBL 209/12/2009View Race
Marathon5:46:0513:13Nike Womens Marathon10/19/2008View Race
26.42 mi4:24:53.3810:02Twin Cities Marathon10/7/2012View Race
26.50 mi3:58:34.939:01Shamrock Marathon3/17/2013View Race
26.80 mi4:29:54.4910:05Marine Corps marathon10/25/2015View Race
31.00 mi7:32:28.2214:36One Epic Run12/6/2014View Race
33.06 mi10:28:36.9619:01Duncan Ridge Trail 50k - F me11/21/2015View Race
34.01 mi8:09:37.6114:24One Epic Run12/7/2013View Race
37.20 mi7:45:16.3712:31One Epic Run12/5/2015View Race