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7:10 AM

11.5 mi


10:53 mi

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ATL 20k


Used as a training run. Don't know WTF is the deal with people not being able to measure their courses down here. Hot and humid! When I finished shortly after 9am, it was in the 80s with 70% humidity. Yuck. On my 3rd and 4th loops of the course, there was a pub that had put out slices of oranges, apples and watermelon.. so I slowed down at that point and enjoyed some watermelon. God that was good. Miles 2 and 3 were faster than they should have been, fell in with a couple of other people doing the 20k as a marathon training run. We were chitchatting and at one point I looked at my watch and saw a 9:30-something pace. Backed off. As I made the turn for the finish, heard people storming up behind me. Really turned on the afterburners to avoid being passed. Think I was at sub-6 pace going through the chute.