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Nike Moto 6



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WBL 20


Felt just fine for the first 8 miles and like complete ass the next 12. The heat/humidity got to me badly. This is the worst I have ever felt during & after a run, and that includes my first full in SF last year. I was so tempted to quit after 1 loop but trudged on. My foot started to bother me AGAIN and hips were bad for the last 6 miles or so. I don't think my foot was as bad as I thought it was yesterday because it feels OK today - I think it was exaggerated by the sh!t feeling I had in general. From about mile 14 on, the conditions had absolutely drained me making it near impossible to run but the foot/hip combo made it excruciating to walk. Had a complete meltdown after finishing - Ross had to talk me off the ledge of putting my Chicago entry on craigslist.