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6:30 PM

8 km


7:05 mi

Race Result

31 / 129 (24%)
6 / 16 (37.5%)
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Ran with the goal of keeping it steady and maybe under 7. Didn't keep it under 7:00. Hung with Joel Boucher for the first 3 miles, then felt the training. All my fast runs have been 5k, and my legs wanted to be done. Felt strength again just before the last mile and held my place. Legs were jello from this race and the deadlifts earlier. Went out for a cool down and wound up helping a dehydrated lady, started walking and weaving. Soon she couldn't support her own weight and I held her up while we gave her water. Water and brief rest were enough, though when she was ready to head off she didn't know what direction to go. She finished, I've never seen this condition before and was amazed how water rejuvenated her and how she began to run again after almost falling over. Amazing strength.