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1:00 PM

6.2 mi


8:23 mi


156.6 lb


First since 2016, about the same pace as that last race. That was not after Boxing and Jiu-jitsu though.

I had a real bad knee strike to my right shin from Terrel. Raised a bruise on the bone. Didn't bother me until after.

I also have a really bad charlie horse on the upper right thigh. Not sure where that came from Friday night.

26:29 To mile 3 at Homestead Ave. 8:50 up the hill is about what I've been doing on the Coleman run.

16:17 Miles 4 & 5, 8:08 pace pulsing well over and down the hill.

7:48 Mile 6, Downhill pulsing was working great. I kept up a very concious efficient effort, but up the last hill I was dead tired, tough to focus. I pushed a little harder. Very glad this was sub 8, if correct.

2:45 To the finish, felt strong but this was obviously not .2 miles.

Ran wearing Nye's hat, without Nye for the first time in many years. I Snapped him a photo and he sent back a 'Good Job!' Sad, but necessary for him to do his own thing.

Very solitary run, only recognized old Ray Wenninger at the start but didn't get his attention at the distance, high-fived Chloe among a lot of strangers that loved the hat, and made eye contact for a shout out from Don Pronovost in the crowd at the end. Just ran in, started, and ran out. Stop & Shop as a parking spot makes it an even 8 mile day.