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8:30 AM

8 mi


12:01 mi


13:51 Think this was mile 1, couldn't read the signs.

12:34 Probably mile 2. At the 2.5 mile water stop, walked for less than 1 min after on a very steep turn

27:02 I suppose this is miles 3 & 4, Still very steady.

42:47 This would be miles 5 - 8. I walked less than 2 minutes after the 2nd water stop to consume my date.

Slower than last year, but it felt a much more solid effort. Yesterday was a heavy workout day, so I wasn't going to go too hard. This was a long tempo run to see what I could maintain without cramps etc. I felt yesterday's lunges and kettlebell work right off the bat. Tight quads stayed tight but only affected speed I suppose.

I felt very good about my run at the finish line, but don't like running slower than last year. During the race, I had to accept the soreness from yesterday. I embraced this and got a lot of motivation from accepting that this will always get harder, accepting that I will always be asked to give more. Looking back, I recognize stretches of the race where I could have given more than I did. At one point, my right knee began to hurt when pulling forward on the uphill. I found my way around it by focusing on the hip. I'll accept that I correctly limited myself at times but of course I could have given more at other times. It's a difficult game, but I'll try to play it even better on the next hill.