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10:00 AM

7 mi


8:21 mi


153 lb

Race Result

13 / 56 (23.2%)


Got lost on the second loop, adding about half a mile. I can only map this course to 6.5 miles total, so this log accurately reflects my distance run. A whole lot of people got lost, some corrected course, some corrected results, some didn't care. This was great rocky scrambling, same metcomet type ridgeline I thrive on. Without geting lost I'd place in the top 10. I didn't ask Leigh Schmitt if he ran the whole course, but I did talk to him about his TNF finish. He felt that rules were screwy all across the board in races. I brought TNF $$$ supporting sub-standard practices and that same $$$ in his pocket, he responded about how supportive TNF is of him compared to the West Coast races that won't let him in. He's a cool guy and I respect his decisions but I believe this sport of his can get totally screwed in the near future by $$$ laying the ground rules.