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6:00 PM

3.1 mi


6:14 mi


153 lb

Race Result

8 / 71 (11.3%)
4 / 8 (50%)
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Tuesday gave me confidence to stay fast, so long as I felt good. I set all the pre-race worries aside and was ready to do my best at the closing race on my favorite 5k course. Hung just behind the knot of Spencer, Kathy, and Joe. Joel hung with me through the first mile, 6:05. That is the fastest mile I've ever clocked. Joel dropped the pace at the spillway, and I hung on about 10 yards from Spencer and Kathy. They stayed shoulder to shoulder, and my second mile was 6:08. Not sure but thought this might be sub-19 pace. I didn't let this intimidate me and fought to hold my ground. Spencer had pulled ahead of Kathy by the crossroads, and I hung with her. Music was helping, Tom Petty's 'Won't Back Down' and the Flobots' 'Rhythm Method' were knocking around in my head as necessary. There was still energy for a sprint, and I finished 4 seconds behind Kathy's Age Group Record, 23 seconds below my PR. My mouth was so dry, I had to hiss my race number to Dick, as I'd forgotten to put it on. Quite elated, possibly impolite or at least self absorbed but why not? This was my best race, my best effort.