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9:00 AM

3.7 mi


13:35 mi


Not a bad race. I didn't get enough sleep last couple nights and had that taut painful feeling throughout my legs. I just didn't want to push too much. Nye was struggling and I coached him, falling back to do so, and this took me out of any sort of 'go' mindset I had last week. I felt it was worth it or worth working through. No big deal. I walked a lot more than I imagined I would, but I kept a very good pace doing it. This is 4 minutes faster than last year and best since 2010 when I ran about the same in July after a horrible Mt. Washington. I think I built some confidence in pacing and strategy. We shall see. According to DD's predictor based on Ascutney, I could run my best or worst, but the average is about 1:50 which would be fine. Matt killed it in 42 even. That's a minute faster than my best ever.