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12:00 PM

6.4 mi


11:16 mi


158 lb

Race Result

88 / 195 (45.1%)
14 / 19 (73.7%)
67 / 116 (57.8%)


Epic muddy course. I felt I had a very good pace throughout. My knee needed some negotiation, but didn't bother me much at all. I don't think I beat it up and was able to tackle the downhill agressively without pain after 2nd summit. Climbs were no problem for the hips at all. On the final stretch I used a pulsing motion to carry me forward in the muddiest sections that was just amazing. I passed people using the upper body launch from each pulse, and somehow made the rebound of the mud work for me. It was magical. Had a real tough mindset in the last 500 meters, where I brought some jiu-jitsu mindset to the race. I don't think I've done it quite that way before. Sat in a stream to clean off, temps in the 40's and already drenched. Seem to have survived. So much fun!