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12:30 PM

9 mi


14:49 mi


160 lb


Excellent day on the mountain. Earth Day, a whole bunch of people were there picking up trash and hiking.

Last time we ran this complete was in may 2016, with Matt. That was the one that hooked him. This one was 15 minutes faster!

Led Nye up the first and second climbs. Tapped the watch ...

25:25 Until the first 'Summit' Long B17 back trail climb.

1:58 along the escarpment to the trail to Tbar, probably should have tapped at the top of the chairlift, guess I didn't

29:17 is next, Tbar climb. This is probably from the escarpment to the top of Tbar, over to the chairlift, down Quarry road and up the Tbar to the Chairlift.

Nye walked some. I coached him to find tools instead of excuses to walk. It wasn't defeatist, it was focused on how he ran it 100% last week, and to focus on that and on the tools he used, his breathing, posture, etc. Should have said to pick the best line with your eyes first, then settle into breathing. Remembered that on the way to the next summit.

11:32 Not sure what this is, must be a descent? Could be the Tbar climb, but I remember having missed a tap at the bottom of that. No memory of tapping at the bottom of the mountain.

27:32 I tapped this at the top of the Chairlift after Quarry trail, surprised it was shorter than the last, but I'm obviously screwing these up. I got lost in the woods a bit, and took a minute to take some pictures. Then, I had the idea to use the camera clip to hold it in my mouth. The clip was over my bottom lip and top lip had top of the clip. Video looked pretty good but choppy. A lower res with higher frame rate would be good if available.

Nye and I began breaking into power hike on the DOC link trail behind the reservoir. Very steep, poor footing. Then, the trail straightened and footing improved so were were running. Nye was breaking into rather sloppy walking, so I encouraged him to make them short rests and to push over the crest of the link trail to the Chairlift. Eyes first, then breath, then keep moving.

37:47 Tbar descent, B17 climb, and down to the finish. Finally broke into power hike at pole 9. It was rough, so I pushed with a hard power hike towards the monument. I chose to run over the little 'crest' steep section before the monument. I think I powerhiked a little before running the 'flat' section after the monument. When I had to switch back to power hike on the next steep section, I decided to break it up per the cracks in the pavement, about 20 foot hike 20 foot run. Good drills to switch gears up to the top. Carried the camera in my mouth for both descents. Never cramped, had a great descent. Nye was about 1/4 mile behind. We've switched places.