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10:00 AM

10.5 mi


10:20 mi

Race Result

25 / 102 (24.5%)


Monroe 10/11/2009

Net Time Split Time Dist Split Split Pace Course Pace

0:39:32.88 39:32.88 3.0 3 13:11.0 0:13:10.96

1:00:01.80 20:28.92 5.0 2 10:14.5 0:12:00.36

1:48:27.68 48:25.88 10.5 5.5 08:48.3 0:10:19.78

I felt I ran my best. My training is nothing like what it was last year. I lost 12 minutes but had at least as much fun. It was more competetive than last year, the last 4 miles were fierce, trading places with a few guys. I held my position and/or gained through the last 2 miles. I was totaly spent at the finish line, sprinting to keep my place. The two streams on the course were freezing, my feet were numb for a couple minutes after the second one. This morning they had a frost with 30 degree temps, breaking the last record low of 32 set 12 years ago. Nye and I hiked a mile in, to the stream crossing, and back for VRAA points.