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9:30 AM

6.2 mi


9:33 mi


158.2 lb



23:35, 34:06 at the top? 34:12 official.

25:04 down, 59:10 finish. 59:07 official

May have achieved flight in the last 500 yards, though this was kind of slow overall. I took the uphill conservative due to the sore hip. Still did progressively better work up the hill, though I did hold back.

I made some serious pulsing progress downhill and held back nothing. At the very first turn down, some guy recognized me from the Pack shuttle and chatted with me, so I bought into the little spark of competitive and rode it.

I took the free energy from my upward pulse and paid off that vertical pounding my feet would normally take, pulsing up with my upper body before my foot met the pavement. This kept my most of my foot strike as a pull/push forward. I did have a little twinge of left knee pain, but making sure my foot met the pavement on the pull-back eliminated it. I credit my hip extension work and couch stretching for the sens I had of extra bouncy tissue at the hips. The lack of vertical pounding allowed my back to straighten from the pelvis and reach forward. It was like running on springs, launching me forward. Sprinting downhill as I would on flat ground. The sense of momentum was exhilarating, terrifying, and there was a lot riding on each foot strike. My ankles were up to it, even on the uneven trail.