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11:30 AM

13.5 mi


27:08 mi


10 / 10
7 / 10

Race Result

585 / 3229 (18.1%)
61 / 237 (25.7%)
508 / 2271 (22.4%)


Thought it was going to be too easy through mile 8ish.

After the Mile 9 death march, fueling was a problem.

Decent was too much fun. Then, they piled in all the heavy lifting obstacles into the last 2 miles. Felt like garbage in the last mile.

Not a terrible performance on the obstacles, but made some big mistakes early on.

Got confused and distracted on monkey bars, and rushed the last rope of tarzan. 60 burpees.

Did complete the twister, which was awesome. Did not stick a spear throw, as usual, another 30 burpees.

All the wall climbs got done. The 8 footer was at the top of the death march, I pulled myself over with a severely cramping leg.

All the carries got done but sucked monkey balls. Tried to burpee out of the bucket carry, but this was not allowed. Took frequent rests. The sandbags messed me up, neck. Both of these were at least half a mile up and down the mountain, and close together.

Need to figure out how to fuel best using the ketone salts, maybe not appropriate for this type of effort.





age 45+