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2:30 PM

11.3 mi


23:07 mi


155 lb


Paste from cronometer:

Nye and I made a better attempt at the training run from 2 weeks ago. We only carried a 50 oz bottle up, to the Chairlift from Log cabin Via B17 back summit trail. Then 3x: 10 Climb overs, descent, Quarry carry, 3 min Animal Flow, ascent. After the last ascent, we did 10 climb overs and only stopped to throw some rocks for marksmanship before climbing straight up to the escarpmen, across and down to the car. Whole thing took 4:20:15, over 11 miles with about an hour of climbing and flow.


Had a slightly sore right ankle that didn't bother me past the first descent. The bruised toe on my left foot didn't bother me at all. I did take a lot of care with my footing throughout and kept a much more conservative pace than last time. There was no cramping, though I began to feel the threat towards the end. Didn't even get cramps in the car changing afterward. The ketone salts and f-bombs were excellent, but I did have a little nausea toward the end. I drank 16g with 22 oz water through the first couple hours. I refilled with plain water for a couple laps, then put the 2nd 16g in about 16 oz water. That was tough to drink, only drank half. Kept great focus throughout the run, but maybe missed some muscle power. Comfortably ran on empty. I was very cold on the last lap and very cold at home until we ate. Nye also was somewhat cold, then took a sweatshirt off during dinner.