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10.5 mi


11:35 mi


Incredibly fun course. This course is more than qualified for the mountain series. I don't know if it could handle another 100 entrants and be such a great time. The post race food and atmosphere is just awesome. Everyone is so laid back and there are soups, hot dogs, snacks, baked goods, fresh fruit. I wouldn't want it to change a bit.

Fought off calf cramps through the last 2 miles. Lots of mental processing of bjj during the run. I thought I was budgeting my energy for future bjj workouts, but I wound up running on empty or beyond my muscle endurance anyway. Great day. Nye was first in his age group, but the other two who may have been in his age group hadn't finished by the time we left. He was in the top 5 of about 12 of the next age group and finished 5 minutes ahead of me. Good day for both of us.