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6:00 PM

7.9 mi


8:50 mi


153 lb
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Group run; Dick A., Karen H., Joel B., Steve P., Steve R., Bill T., Jim N., Ray N., and myself. They were pretty whiny about the muddy course and were ready to hit the roads, but when I announced I was doing it no matter what with a extra trail loop they immediately couldn't turn it down! They had fun. I took an extra trip up to Yeti Buff, 3.8 miles and 350'. Excellent 360 degree view of the city lights, a jet buzzed the hill, moose tracks. Always a good decision. Joel and Bill led the pack and I followed working hard to keep up, we must have stayed in low 7 s most of the way. I immediately slowed on my own excursion but picked it right back up when I got back down to the res. Trails were sloppy but better than the last trip.