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8:15 AM

8.5 mi


15:16 mi

Race Result

206 / 554 (37.2%)
64 / 139 (46%)
188 / 409 (46%)


Took awhile to warm up. Only got in some CARs before getting to the start line as my heat was leaving. This had me starting dead last in the pack. This is my excuse for Nye running the first 3 miles a couple minutes faster than me.

Very fun course as usual, but easier than in the past. Burpee penalties on the twister and spear throw. The shoulder was much less of a problem, I am stronger than for the Sprint. Got through the Multi-Rig and monkey bars without straining it. I didn't challenge it as I had at the sprint, simply used the left to feed my strong right.

Most of the strength obstacles were late in the course. The first 5 miles of muddy trail had us all on bambi legs, and there was a lot of leg cramping after we started the olympus and bucket carry, people dropping right and left even on the multi-rig from calf cramps. It was actually a huge problem at the A-frame where I volunteered later in the day. I had some bad cramps in between the bucket carry and multi-rig, but breathing and a quick headstand shake-out took care if it.