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6:30 PM

5.8 mi


160.8 lb


Started with the 8k race. Had a nice good pace that I kept all the way to the beaver dam, walked a minute then ran up to the summit. I added 10 burpees to the current beast flow climbers. Down to the spillway, I skipped the knee crunching climb outs and did 20 burpees. Took off and recovered on the run to the railings. Crawled them in just under 2 minutes, by .13 seconds. Fell off a few times. Had a good beast flow climber workout and ran back to the Elks. Did stop off at the sand pit to run the blocks, but they removed one block and it didn't work so well. Had a great conversation at the car with Dave Aaronson, and Naomi Tetherly also stopped by. Should have introduced myself, she's cute. I never went in or went down to hang out, yet again had a good conversation just doing my own thing.