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3:30 PM

3.5 mi


Paste from cronometer:

CARs, UTGU, mostly using 35# KB, and then a weird run.

UTGU was confusing, I was confusing legs and stuff throughout.

Stretching for the run noticed a sore right hip, did some carefull rotation in half butterfly that helped.

Temporary, on the climb up it was bothering me, and seemed to be fine if I relaxed my right traps.

On the first descent, the left knee was sore, medial patellar pain.

The terrain was really challenging and I could not get a good rhythm of movement to solve both issues until the end. Constant experiments with focus and meditation on what the hell I've been doing these past few weeks.

I don't know what to think, knee has been fine despite high jiu-jitsu volume. I've been wearing knee sleeves at all times on the mat. I can only suspect that the minimal work I've done without knee sleeves has not been enough to address imbalances due to my jiu-jitsu game. I know I need to do regular leg training and that has fallen off while doing more kinstretch. This could be simply an expanded end range without training the functional range making my joints sloppy.

In regards to the hip, the right hip is the clunkiest. There is always some painless chunky friction during CARs. I've got some sort of imabalance now with my shoulders that isn't resolving over the past year, so this may be some mal-adaptation compromising an already weak hip.