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11:00 AM

3.5 mi


6:24 mi


153 lb

Race Result

6 / 162 (3.7%)
4 / 8 (50%)
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Mike B. groaned about the soccer game he played before the race. He was breathing down my neck at the half mile, and we gathered up Spencer B. in front of us. For the first 2 miles we ran three abreast. At the mile mark I was amazed to see the fastest mile I've clocked, 6:12. Then we were 18:35 at 2 miles. There the three of us got strung out and I drifted back, still staying under 19 for three miles. Spence pulled ahead of Mike on the last hills and took 2nd overall, Mike in 3rd. With them in the top 3, this gave me a shot at an age group award. Someone 18 seconds ahead snagged it though, and I left learning that I can indeed sustain a faster pace. Spence congradulated me on my steady pace, asking if I minded him sticking close for the first couple miles, funny. Sincere but kind of funny since keeping up with him for so long was such an accomplishment.