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8:45 AM

3.4 mi


19:26 mi

Race Result

588 / 6186 (9.5%)
63 / 528 (11.9%)
583 / 3727 (15.6%)


First Spartan for Nye and I. First obstacle race for Nye, who loved it and is ready for more.

Results have updated in the last 48 hours, but as of now I finished in the top 10% of the field [588/6186], 14% of my gender [533/3728], and 12% of males aged 40 [63/528]. Very impressed to find results in less than 12 hours.

I made it through with only 30 burpees [1 failed obstacle - the spear throw].

I love this type of race, but am no fan of the festival and associated B.S. rules associated with attending it. Over 6000 people attended today, and they're going to do it all over again tomorrow!

For the record, here is a course description:

The course started on a steep uphill.

First obstacles were about .2 miles in, a climb-over wal, climb under wall, and climb-through the hole wall.

A trail running section offered 'The Gamble', a choice between a short access road or a technical single track trail. Both of us chose the tougher trail, no idea what the 'easy' choice actually was. The trail was steep and rutted for about 3/4 of a mile.

At the top of the hill we began a series of very tough obstacles.

First a ~20 foot rope climb, with knots in the rope to help climbing [some ropes had more knots than others].

Then a 50 yd. dash down the hill to a pile of sandbags.

We carried a ~25lb. sandback back up and down the hill.

Right after this was a 'wall traverse', sort of horizontal rock climby activity across chunks of 2x4 nailed into a wall about 25' long.

Immediately after this we climbed 20' up and down the entry bridge, constructed like pallets.

After all of this high intensity work, we run back up the steepest slope of the hill, climbing under ropes strung across mud, and up and over a 60 degree slippery wall using a rope.

On the other side of the hill, the mud begins. Not real mud yet but 4 trenches filled with muddy water.

Immediately after we climb an inverted wall, a wall that tilts toward you at about 60 degrees. There are hand holds to hang from while cimbing up and over it.

This led into a field of posts to hop across, but the rain from the day before washed them out. For me, in the 4th heat of the day we simply ran through. By the time Nye ran the course hours later, they had strung cord around all the posts so you now have to climb on your belly under them for about 50 feet.

A mile of trails follows all of this, very steep and muddy descent and ascent with various strength tests.

First strength test was dragging a hunk of cement on a chain 50' out and back. This was a piece of cake, we both did this while jogging.

Next was an 8 foot wall, straight up and down. Easy for both of us to vault up and over.

The toughest one came next. Weights of 100 to 125 pounds were suspended on a rope and pulley. We had to stand behind a line about 10 feet away and haul this weight 20 feet in the air. I was able to do this, but lots of people couldn't and paid the standard Spartan price of failure - 30 burpees. These were Nye's first 30 burpees.

There was a good half mile of trail back up to the main obstacle field and final series of obstacles.

We had to drag a huge tractor tire out about 20 feet and haul it back in by a rope.

Next was the deceptively simple javeline toss into a giant hay-bale spartan figure. I got a great throw which missed the Spartan effigy completely but stuck for a decent distance record. No second chances. 30 burpees for me. Nye also had a decent throw that struck the Spartan squarely but bounced off.

The final obstacle was the most brutal. A field about 100 yards long was strung with barbed wire 1 1/2 to 2 feet off the ground, liberally hosed down all day into a mud pit. This was real mud that coated us completely. There were rocks, and even broken glass actually. Scrambling through this on bellies, knees, and elbows took a good solid 5 minutes and also took a decent amount of skin off those knees and elbows. It ended with a mud pool, and a wall suspened only a few inches above the pool, forcing everyone to fully dunk their heads under before crawling under the final 10 feet of barbed wire.

After this we jumped the fire pit and ran down the hill to challenge the Gladiators at the finish line. The Gladiators with their big boffing sticks weren't too aggressive for anyone that I saw.

Next were the unofficial obstacles, such as the showers and porto-potties, and finally at home - the laundry.