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1:00 PM

6 mi


152 lb


Not bad. Only bad part was jumping up for the pullups the first time. Surprisingly painful, but not bad. I did skip the sandpit crawl and did a handstand hold instead, and didn't do the cat crawl because the railings were too hot.

This was after Jiujitsu. Incredibly, I was able to drill and roll without killing the knee. Here's another mind blowing situation where I've gone way beyond anything reasonable and it was the smartest move. I had one tweak while drilling a single and let it relax for a couple minutes, then fine. Rolled with GQ twice, and with Mark and tapped him with an armbar he let me set up. Then rolled with Matt who is pretty intense and somehow survived. Fully expectd to go on a nice long trail run tomorrow and get my lungs back.

Weight was nuts. Woke up at 156, after this I had drank 2 cups of coffee, 5 cups of water, 4 cups of Polar blueberry lemonade setzer, and 2 cups of kefir, and weighed 151 after a shower.