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11:30 AM

3.8 mi


153 lb


78 F


The awards and raffle took forever, and a pile of Hammer Products and Sportiva Shoes disappeared before my eyes. I made off with plenty of the free gels though. The winner was unfamiliar, TVO took his division with DD ahead of him in 3rd, I believe. His raw food strategies are becoming more effective for him. Very interesting, and maybe worth a try to maximize my own metabolism and recovery. After a long, long, loooooong run down, I joined the T-Shirt frenzy and we all lined up for pictures. Tons of enthusiastic first time Goats. TVO videoed my goofy reflections on finishing 2 series before I hit the road. This is an awesome group of people and an honor to participate with all of them once again in our New England tradition. I just made that up, but it might be distinctly regional, worth researching. My first stop at home was here at this console to check the Hardrock 100 results, Kyle Skaggs destroyed the course record by over 2 1/2 hours, in 23:23:30.