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5:45 PM

6.5 mi


10:02 mi


163.4 lb
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Had to walk about 3/4 of the way up. Very very solid on the run back to the gate. Slight hot spots that I hope will not be blisters in the morning. Odd, I may have pulled a groin muscle this morning. I had been squatting down checking air pressure in my tire, got up to cross the street and head up to my apartment and developed a sore right nut, testicle. It bothered me for a few hours. I drove an hour, got out of the car and it was sore, drove another hour and same thing. At this point I was sick of it, focussed on it while I shopped at Whole foods, and it was gone when I left the store. Very strange. Not a twinge while running, but slight groin soreness fixing my toilet. Strangest run notes in a long time.