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12:30 PM

6 mi


12:00 mi


A bit rough, but got it done. After Jiu-jitsu, doing all the drills from last night and rolls with Karate and Franco. On the third round of crab crawls at the sandpit, my right tricep cramped halfway. Almost finished. I hit the pullups and climbers and the catcrawl, but that was very tough. 3:16 to get around the railings. Lost balance quite a few times. On the climb I did break my stride two or three times for two or three strides due to footing, but I got up the last steep climb without stopping. Got 15 HSPU and 10 pullups on the way back. Very dehydrated, 3 pints of water for the whole morning was not enough. I couldn't finish my kefir until I got home and had more water.