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8:34 AM

5 km


5:22 mi

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Just didn't have it Saturday. Even at the line my legs felt shot... or at least not rested. I was still hoping that I would feel better once the race got going. I put in a ton of effort to hit the first mile at 520. Second mile was a disaster. The watch said 528 most of the way, but finally clicked over at 523. At the 2.5 mile mark, the watch was reading 538. From there I just put my head down and zoned out. Just started to kick with 1k to go. I didn't even hear my watch click over at the 3 mile marker. Even missing my goal, I feel like I brought all I had. And, I didn't give up in the end. It was a little frustrating in that my friend was running my goal pace the whole way. A bit like watching the pace bunny just slip out of reach and knowing there was nothing I could do about it.

Post race was great. My daughters head exploded when she saw the dancing (and running) ballerinas. And she hit up an art booth during the race. After the race we made it to the zoo and she was asleep on the jog home. The anxiety surrounding keeping the family busy and happy during the race is about as high as the race itself.