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8:04 AM

26.2 mi


6:43 mi


50 F


9 / 10
10 / 10

Race Result

3 / 566 (0.5%)
3 / 40 (7.5%)
4 / 312 (1.3%)

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Goal: Three Hours

Game Plan: Hit the first 6.5 at 7-min pace. Next 6.5 at 6:50 pace. Feel out the next segment on a mile-per-mile basis. Then pray it doesnt fall apart at the 20 mile mark. It would be great to be crossing 20 miles at 2hr 15min.

Post Game: The weather was perfect. 46 deg at the start and shadded by the trees the whole way. Race stared with the smell of pot in the air and we were soon off and flying. Overall the race was like a really long progression run. Amazing that it all held together so well with 2:55 was just out of reach. A small moment of truth came when Jean-Shorts Guy handed me my lost gel. I struggled for 100 yards to keep up with him. But, at the 20 mile mark there was nothing left to lose and I got a surge of energy. I rode this the final 10k. Only question left unanswered was if the final mile was flat, how fast would I have run that.

I never felt like I was out of energy or even running low on energy. Yes, I struggled when I was handed the gel and with 1.5 miles left there was the overpass, that was difficult. Plus, the hamstring issues were there. But, nothing felt like it was too far out of reach.

I can not put into words how good this felt at the end.