Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

0.25 mi1:134:52track meet at GCC2/5/2005View Race
0.68 mi16:01.5223:34Fight For Air Climb4/14/2018View Race
1.00 mi7:39.687:40AREC Bannister Memorial Mile3/28/2018View Race
2.00 mi12:516:26ARR Open Mile GCC Track4/11/2006View Race
2.40 mi18:007:30Tempe Town Lake10/22/2009View Race
2.70 mi20:007:25tread at lifetime fitness scottsdale6/20/2009View Race
2.90 mi22:227:4300 Generic8/21/2009View Race
3.00 mi19:546:38Domestic Violence 5K4/22/2006View Race
3.07 mi23:397:43Road Runner Tempe 5K7/2/2009View Race
3.10 mi20:206:34Run to Remember 5K1/23/2005View Race
3.20 mi21:426:47ARR SS #2 Reach 116/18/2005View Race
3.25 mi37:19.5311:30Conquer the Overlook 5K8/19/2017View Race
3.30 mi25:007:35Relay del Sol leg 332/27/2010View Race
3.40 mi26:057:41Sole Sports short loop9/16/2009View Race
3.80 mi32:268:33Leg 18 Relay Del Sol3/30/2007View Race
3.90 mi46:0911:50Ragnar SoCal Relay leg 164/7/2017View Race
4.20 mi28:486:52Pat's Run4/15/2006View Race
4.40 mi35:007:58Leg 17 of Relay Del Sol3/1/2008View Race
4.60 mi35:007:37the Relay Leg 1210/15/2005View Race
4.70 mi37:007:53the Relay Leg 3610/16/2005View Race
4.90 mi36:007:21Leg 29 of Relay Del Sol3/1/2008View Race
4.97 mi34:396:59Mayo Clinic 8K Challenge3/5/2005View Race
5.00 mi45:009:00Santan Freeway opening ceremony6/7/2006View Race
5.25 mi48:249:14Jerome Hill Climb9/5/2005View Race
5.30 mi38:107:13Big Sur Marathon Relay leg 44/24/2005View Race
5.50 mi44:468:09Run to the Sun2/25/2006View Race
5.80 mi44:007:36Leg 5 of Relay Del Sol2/29/2008View Race
5.90 mi42:007:08the Relay Leg 2410/16/2005View Race
6.00 mi40:496:49I-Did-A-Run 10K9/25/2004View Race
6.20 mi42:136:49New Times 10K11/14/2004View Race
6.28 mi52:49.928:25Bimbo Global Energy 10K9/24/2017View Race
6.40 mi51:108:0000 Generic2/28/2009View Race
6.60 mi57:008:39Relay del Sol leg 32/26/2010View Race
6.90 mi1:00:008:42Big Sur Marathon Relay4/30/2006View Race
7.00 mi58:278:21Cactus Cha Cha10/14/2006View Race
7.10 mi3:09:0026:38Mt. Baldy Run to the Top9/7/2015View Race
7.90 mi1:08:008:37Ragnar Great River Relay leg 48/20/2010View Race
8.06 mi1:09:588:41Copper Crawl 13K4/16/2005View Race
8.50 mi1:06:007:4600 Generic2/27/2009View Race
8.70 mi1:11:008:10Relay del Sol leg 152/26/2010View Race
9.30 mi1:16:008:11Big Sur Relay legs 4 and 54/29/2007View Race
10.00 mi1:13:317:22Mummy Mountain Madness4/2/2006View Race
11.68 mi3:12:36.7216:30Stairway to Heaven Utra Half Marathon8/12/2017View Race
12.40 mi1:37:147:51So. Mtn Classic 20K10/24/2004View Race
12.69 mi2:31:29.2211:57Griffith Park Half Marathon3/3/2018View Race
12.80 mi1:45:358:1500 Generic10/19/2008View Race
12.86 mi1:57:34.099:09Vista Beer Run Half Marathon10/22/2017View Race
13.06 mi2:04:25.389:32Palos Verdes Half Marathon11/18/2017View Race
Half Marathon1:36:437:23Valley of Gold Half Marathon3/13/2005View Race
13.20 mi1:49:008:16Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon12/5/2010View Race
13.98 mi2:12:509:31Christiansen Trail Run1/7/2006View Race
14.10 mi1:54:008:06Tour de PV Half Marathon9/9/2006View Race
18.60 mi2:27:447:57ARR Desert Classic 30K12/18/2004View Race
18.66 mi2:32:348:11Desert Classic 30K in Surprise12/18/2005View Race
25.00 mi6:50:2316:25Desert RATS Trail Run Fest4/17/2010View Race
25.94 mi5:05:25.2811:47Catalina Island Marathon3/10/2018View Race
Marathon3:29:478:01St. George Marathon10/6/2007View Race
26.33 mi4:23:40.1110:01California International Marathon12/3/2017View Race
26.39 mi4:12:27.999:35LA Marathon3/18/2018View Race
29.92 mi7:07:29.7214:18Shadow of the Giants 50K6/9/2018View Race
31.00 mi4:52:519:27Just Another Mad Dog11/10/2007View Race
31.20 mi9:27:1918:11Harding Hustle 50K7/22/2017View Race
32.40 mi5:17:009:48Just Another Mad Dog 50K11/8/2008View Race
32.52 mi9:08:04.4316:52Holcomb Valley Trail Run 33 miler6/16/2018View Race
50.00 mi13:22:5416:04Old Pueblo 50 Miler3/7/2009View Race