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10 mi


8:05 mi


170 bpm


85 F
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I started with the intent of running about an 8:30 pace and got caught up in the crowd and just went for it. Sort of what happened last year so I wasn't suprised. Early splits were over 8 and then I settled into a bit faster pace and was able to maintain it to the end. Very difficult over the last mile or so with the grade on the bridge. Here's my splits:

8:14, 154bpm (83% max)

8:09, 164bpm (89% max)

7:59, 168bpm (91% max)

7:42, 169bpm (91% max)

8:01, 170bpm (92% max)

7:49, 172bpm

7:50, 173bpm

8:06, 176bpm

7:37, 177bpm

7:59, 178bpm (96% max)

Based on the heart rate info, I have little doubt that I could not have maintained that pace much further. Heart rate increased steadily over the entire race.

Chip time, 1:20:45, Garmin pace 1:19:24 (time stopped for a quick bathroom break). PR by about 1 minute.