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9:04 AM

5 km


6:06 mi


146.5 lb


75 F


10 / 10
9 / 10

Race Result

37 / 686 (5.4%)
3 / 46 (6.5%)
35 / 386 (9.1%)

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St Barnabas 5k Meridian Road

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Garmin took some tangents through the woods but it was an honest course. Opened like a mutha and payed the price but would go out hot again. I was worried as I approached the 1 mile clock as it read 5:40. (forgot about my chip start for a few more secs) The thought of 18:35 ticked in my head briefly. Then I thought about walking.

The field was stacked with some masters. I was the 9th master OA. I feel lucky to take a 3rd in my AG. Met some wonderful guys after the race. What a great sport.

After a mile I was passed heavily but noticed no girls ahead from the turn around. Several guys rooted me on as they cruised by, including Emmitt (2nd in my AG) and Dean (55) With about 1/3 mile to go I heard 'you're in first'. As I was reasonably certain that it was not an announcement of my AG standing, I knew I had heat from a chick. I was surprised to have held off the first one to this point. I tried to hang but like so many of the guys who had passed me I was unable to keep my hooks in her. Her youth was too much and she sprinted in 3 seconds ahead.

Seeing the clock on the turn into the last 0.1 was a thrill to push me on. Despite the uphill gravel finish I worked hard to finish under 19. More precisely 18:57 net. I may have been crushed to see 19.

Penn Brewery provide the beer at the end.

Wow. milage and quality and rest and diet and time and......

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