Altair5's profile   

2016 Oak Tree Half Marathon
Name: Arthur
Gender: Male
Profession: retired
Age: 72
Height: 1.80 m
Current Weight: 74.4 kg
Goal Weight: 72.6 kg
Location: Geneseo, NY
About me: 
I like to read and collect books and also music. My favorite music is jazz, but I listen to a lot of different types. I like to garden and be outdoors. I live with my girlfriend in upstate NY. I completed my first marathon in 13 years October 2017 with a 4 1/2 hour time but was a bit slower 2018 with a 5 hour finish. My goal is to increase my pace and better my time for a Boston qualifier. This I would like to run in honor of my grandfather who got 6th place back in 1903! I was named after him being Arthur the 3rd!
Why do I run: 
I enjoy the peace and quiet of being out on a run. I like to look at the scenery. My health is improved, low heart rate, lower cholesterol, lower weight and more energy. I don't mind the weather too much, but will put off a run if is very cold, like in the teens or lower, or raining very hard. Otherwise, I try to dress for the conditions and let myself adapt to them as each season progresses.
Why I started running: 
I had a tumor removed and was afraid of getting cancer. I had heard that cancer cells do not like oxygen and running seemed to be a good way to flood my body with oxygen, as well as flush out cancer causing toxins by improving lymphatic circulation.