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7:18 AM

8 mi


9:47 mi


141.5 lb
135 bpm
148 bpm


27 F


7 / 10
10 / 10
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PD Courts HH Pinewood

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With Camelback. Felt very heavy and sluggish at first running mostly on front of foot. In second half when I switch to more of heel or midfoot first, but under my hips felt a lot better on legs and felt faster. Will have to mark some laps with various forms to see which feels best and most efficient for speed. Inserts that came with shoes were okay on this. In first 2 miles left 2nd toe and that area were tight/sore, stressing. Better when I shift focus more to core/hips, smoother running and less on trying to push of with feet a certain way or trying to stay up on forefoot. I took a gu when I was coming up the large hill in HH around mile 5. I took off pack to take the gu while running up hill vs pausing gps. The last 4 m felt a lot better than first.