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8:01 AM

26.4 mi


8:29 mi


137.2 lb


45 F


8 / 10
10 / 10

Race Result

164 / 1207 (13.6%)
1 / 26 (3.8%)
32 / 549 (5.8%)
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Rock N Roll St Louis Marathon

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Another fantastic marathon for me. 5 GU's about 7 gu chomps in final miles. Salt at about 8m and 16, maybe again around 23 or 24. Saw Mike coming the other way around my mile 19; he said I was 15th woman and probably 3rd or 4th in my age group. This made me go faster, as I was afraid I might not place in the age group. It turned out he had guessed wrong about the ages of the other ladies. One older woman who passed me in the final 6m must have also been from a different age group, thank goodness. Super fun with Jenny yelling "Go Superwoman" as I finished. Then seeing James sprint it out with a guy during his finish, and Mike rally for his last half mile to the finish. So very fun. Also perfect weather and the perfect mixture and placement of up and down hills, and left and right slant for the most part. Some really pretty sections.