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7:17 AM

19.2 mi


9:25 mi


141.2 lb


36 F


7 / 10
10 / 10
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PD Courts 450 Chesterfield Loop

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First part with Tom til about 7.5 or 8m. Strider vest, long sleeve Boston shirt, Saucony knit hat, Saucony Ampro tights. This felt good but first loop chilly in shade with sunglasses. Gu at 4m stop, gatorade at CB, strawberry banana gu at signs, gatorade at 4m, Blueberry pomegranate gu chomps as CB and a little at signs. More chomps around 17.5, and bathroom at home. Then last 1.5 easy to cool down back down PD and tundra again. Then nice long cool down walk with radio and v8 to drink. It felt good to do the loop twice plus the courts in the sunshine for a while. Left foot got sore in the last few miles.