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9:50 AM

3.5 mi


10:28 mi


139 lb
140 bpm
183 bpm


46 F


6 / 10
10 / 10
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With aqua no show thin socks inside. This felt great. I kept going on and off the asphalt into the grass. Felt really good but wanted to limit it the first time out. I liked running up and down our steep hill in the front yard on the grass. Feet and legs, hips, back, achilles all felt great during and after this. And great walking a while after on asphalt and grass as well. Careful with cold ground though The first mile and a half my toes felt sore/cold especially on ground/grass/mud vs asphalt But both were very cold in shade, even though air temp about 46 or more. Ground much much colder. Not as bad as no socks but still very cold. Better when I stayed in sunnier, warmed up areas.