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7:01 AM

7.2 mi


9:12 mi


135.6 lb


74 F


10 / 10
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Only 80% humidity, nice breeze. This one felt great. I drank ice water around 1.5, 4.85, then again around 7.5 m. Clif shot blocks at 4.7 and after the run. So much better than it has been lately. Left 2nd toe sore and tight in first mile or so, got a lot better as the run went on. I'm feeling a lot lighter and more stable on both feet, hips etc. Breathing great today even though I forgot the Claritin before the run. Mostly 51, 52, and 31 breathing pattern. Only a little bit of the 2:1 pattern on some of the steep climbs. But didn't have to stop on any of the uphills to cool down or calm my heart. Unfortunately didn't wear HRM. Do that tomorrow!