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7:14 AM

20.1 mi


9:47 mi


138 lb


43 F


7 / 10
10 / 10
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PD 450 Chesterfield Hawkins HH Pinewood

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PD, SH, 450 St Stephens Church, Chesterfield, Hawkins, Crownsville, PD and some courts, then HH, Pinewood, PD and some more courts; then PD again to 20m, and 1 m walk to cool down. last few miles purposely slow to cool down, and extra vest back on. Overdressed in first 10m with Claudia, Tom, and Cris. Came home and changed into Boston 2011 shirt and no vest, and warmer hat, and that was a lot better for the second half. Very windy. Some tightness/soreness in right achilles tendon/back of ankle on and off when running at certain angles. Still needs some work to fully even this side out. Ankles, knees etc tracking nice and straight through most of the run though. Very hungry after. I had a gu at 4m stop and Camp Barrett by accident, then again around 15m in HH, a high octance gu, maybe another around 19m in the neighborhood; not sure if I took it or not.