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7:47 AM

26.4 mi


9:06 mi


136.8 lb


40 F


8 / 10
10 / 10

Race Result

1258 / 3534 (35.6%)
3 / 41 (7.3%)
375 / 1477 (25.4%)
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Rock N Roll USA Marathon

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Official Time: 4:00:40.35 - .11 sec behind 2nd place! Aqua toe socks,inserts that came with shoes. Ampro Tights, Boston White long sleeve shirt and 2011 vest, 6 or more gu's carried water bottle, succeed every 4 to 6 miles. Gu every 5 or so - 5, 8.5, 13, 18, 21, 24 I think, maybe more. This was great. Slight issue with my hat in second half, getting velcroed onto my braid while I was trying to tighten it so the wind wouldn't blow it off, lost a few seconds messing with it on a little hill around some round thing. This felt very good legs and feet wise. Left ball of foot got a little "hot" on and off starting around 16 or 17, but I could work out most sore spots that started to develop no either foot or hips, etc by slightly altering running form. Tried to keep the 3/2 breathing pattern from Runners World when I thought if it, and it would greatly help my breathing. Felt great after put on clean compression tights. Period too. Half marathon hat. Note to self: adjust hat next time, by removing, adjusting and putting back on and repeat til corrected. DO NOT try to change/unvelcro while it is still on my head! Drank gatorade from bottle undiluted between 10 and 14, due to water stop didn't have any water and severely undermanned. Started 12 or more miinutes later than assigned corral due to porta potty line.