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10 km


4:56 mi

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A heck of a good race. Well sort of. A fantastic time, but perhaps on a track I would've run much more even splits and a faster time. But definitely no complaints. I didn't wear a watch, but there were mile splits anyways, and besides, I don't think knowing my splits made much of a difference.

I went out pretty fast - there's that steep little jump up a short hill in the beginning and we all zipped up that. The race stratified pretty quickly with about 10 guys up front and then a gap back to the chase pack. Brian Harvey was in that with me and I can't stand running with him - he jumps back and forth on pace every few seconds - so I stayed ahead of him. We hit the mile in 4:48 or so and I said to him "whoops, a bit too fast." The 2nd mile is a bit slower and he backed off the effort but I made a concerted effort to push to stay on. I wanted to put in a harder effort on the 1st half since the second half is flatter and I wanted to be on/under pace to break 31. I hit mile 2 in about 4:54 or so. By mile 3 (14:39) the lead pack had started to gap me, but that was fine. The effort started to break up the lead pack and Ben Groleau dropped back. By about mile 4 (19:36) I caught up to him. He stuck with me for a little over a mile, then pulled ahead as we passed Amos. I so badly wanted to break 31 and I just kept pushing and reminding myself to smile to make myself feel better. Mile 4 was windy and ends with a little uphill. I surged down the hill, passing Ben and Mile 5 (24:34), and I'm only realizing now that that's a 14 second PR! Ruben had also dropped off the lead pack and I was gaining on him. I vaguely wondered if I could beat him and decided I might as well kick from about 1200 to 400m out rather than save it for the last stretch. I slowly gained on him, but in the end he was too far ahead. I kept a steady pace, but don't think I sped up much at the end. I was 7th overall, which surprised me from looking at times from last year.